Dear visitor,

I was born in the city of Angoulême, in the southwest of France. My mother, Isabelle, is a cellist, performing at my hometown’s conservatoire, while my father, Eric, is a renowned painter.

As far as I remember myself, I always loved being in fashion. I believe this is a legacy my grandmother, Josephine, – my mother’s mother – has inherited to me, as she had a wonderful atelier of haute couture in Angoulême. She was the one who taught me how to discern colours, to appreciate every aspect of beauty, especially what it has to do with garments and textiles. “Mamie” (granny in French) Josephine is, in fact, my source of inspiration. I love my parents very much and feel very lucky that they have always been so “down-to-earth” yet nurturing to me.

I studied Advertising, despite the fact that in such an empowered working sector, where the term “courageous” equals success, I still cannot overcome my shyness.

I am romantic, not in a superfluous way, but I do believe in true love, that somewhere out there, there is the other half of ours, which completes us. I believe in a colorful and beautiful world, where ugliness and injustice have no place.

I am currently living in Paris, working in the advertising sector and seeking my dream.

As for the rest… well… you will eventually know more about me throughout my adventures!

Yours truly,

Mademoiselle Jolie